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About Sabah

Situated on the beautiful island of Borneo, Sabah is richly blessed with nature diversity, unique cultures, fun adventure, beautiful beaches, and fantastic cuisines for the adventurous taste buds. We have it all!

Not only will you be amazed by the places to see and things to do here, you will also be treated with unique Sabahan hospitality. Explore the unique culture and tradition of Sabah and get ready to experience sweet memories to last a lifetime!

The people of Sabah are called Sabahans. There are currently 32 officially recognized ethnic groups in Sabah with the largest non-indigenous ethnic group being the Chinese and the largest indigenous group being the Kadazan-Dusun people. 

Two other larger ethnic groups in Sabah are the Bajau and Murut, compared to other states in the country; Sabah has relatively very small population of Indians and South Asians. 

Whit sandy beaches at Mantanani Island, sabah Borneo

Mari Mari Mantanani Island

"Borneo's Paradise Island"

Mari Mari  Sepanggar Island

"Let Nature Pampers You"

Mari Mari Sepanggar Island, Sabah Borneo